As we enter back-to-school season, now is a great time to brush up on your language skills.

How fluent are you in money? The Entrepreneur article below has some interesting insights.

Just like spoken languages — your money language shapes the perceptions, motivations, and actions surrounding your finances. So, understanding how to communicate about it is paramount to creating the life and future that you desire. For example, of these personality traits, which below best describes you?

  • Driver (Money = Significance)
  • Analytic (Money = Protection)
  • Amiable (Money = Love)
  • Expressive (Money = Acceptance & Respect)

By recognizing your dominant personality type, you can gain insights into your strengths and potential pitfalls. The more you understand and share your money language, with me and those close to you, the better equipped we become to support you as you pursue your financial goals. So, let’s talk. Here are some topics curated from the news this week to get the conversation started.

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