Our Core Values

“All successful investing is goal-oriented and therefore planning-driven. People with a plan, a strategy and an investment policy succeed financially. Those chasing performance as a substitute for planning rarely succeed.”

— Andrew Perri


Our Promises

  • We honor our fiduciary standards, and at all times, put our clients’ needs before our own.
  • The perspective of the client is the lens through which every decision is viewed in our business.
  • We have a duty to save investors from those who would speculate and gamble with their life savings. We will lead a movement in our community toward this worthwhile cause.
  • We eliminate conflicts of interest by removing commissions on all securities accounts. We are a “fee-only” investment fiduciary advisor.

Our Principles

  • We will always do what is right regardless of the cost.
  • Our clients deserve our best effort, attitude and execution every day.
  • Trust and respect are earned, not given.
  • We strive to honor God in all that we do.

Our Philosophies

Our Process and Portfolios

  • We believe in an academically sound, Nobel Prize-winning modern portfolio theory to achieve the greatest returns for the amount of risk an investor is willing to take. This theory is built into each plan and portfolio.
  • We believe in true diversification. This entails following the “endowment model” approach to building investment portfolios.
  • Simply put, we believe STRATEGY MATTERS!

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