Financial Services

Every successful journey starts with prudent preparation and an effective travel plan. We help make sure you haven’t overlooked any key elements as you pursue your retirement destiny.

Vision-Driven Retirement Road Map™

At Pinnacle Wealth, we believe everyone should be able to live out their retirement dreams.  That’s why you can count on us to create a custom Vision-Driven Retirement Road MapTM for you, a written, holistic strategy to guide you to your goals.

Our process is designed to focus on 6 key areas in your financial life:

Income Planning

Whether you’re worried about the possibility of outliving your money or simply want to make sure you can comfortably and confidently pursue all your retirement dreams, you will need steady, reliable streams of income.

Our team can help you design a comprehensive retirement income plan using a variety of vehicles that could include insurance products such as annuities and investments. Together, we’ll develop a retirement income strategy tailored to your unique needs, goals and lifestyle.

Investment Planning

Prudent investment strategies focus on two things: asset preservation and asset growth or wealth accumulation. After reviewing your financial situation and discussing your dreams and desires, we craft a sensible investment plan that accounts for your preferences and risk tolerance.

Once your investment strategy is implemented, we monitor it regularly, schedule periodic reviews and recalibrate as circumstances dictate. When life changes, we make sure your plan changes with it.

Tax Planning

Just about everyone, it seems, is concerned about the prospect of rising taxes these days. While no one knows what the future may hold, you can start planning for the unknown by analyzing your personal tax situation and creating tax-efficient retirement income withdrawal strategies.

Tax planning can and should be a key part of every financial plan. We can help you keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Healthcare Planning

For some who are nearing or already in retirement, outliving good health is a bigger concern than outliving their savings or income. As healthcare costs continue to rise, your retirement strategy needs to account for the unfortunate possibility of declining health.

Establishing a health and long-term care plan not only lifts a weight from you but can help your family and loved ones breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll help you develop a plan to protect your assets and pay for health services long before such needs arise.

Legacy Planning

Few things are more important than the people and causes we love. We can help you provide for them by crafting a strategy to potentially reduce taxes, increase payouts to beneficiaries, support charities and connect with other qualified professionals who can assist with trusts, estate planning and other services.

Bottom line, we’ll create a plan that is designed for your hard-earned assets to go where you want them in the most tax-efficient manner.

Cyber and Identity Protection Planning

In today's technology-based world, it’s more important than ever to protect your private data and your family’s personal information. By following our step-by-step system, you can help to better protect your family’s personal and private information.