What’s your magic number?

Everyone has one.

For some, it’s a salary or net worth you aspire to achieve. For others, it’s a wellness goal or status symbol that lets everyone know “you finally made it” in your pursuit of happiness. The thought process sometimes goes like this: “If only I had a guaranteed salary of $X with a bank account of $X, that would be enough.”

The question is: once you reached that goal, have you ever not expanded your definition of enough farther into the future? If so, you’re not alone. Striving – and surviving – is part of our human nature.

The value lies in knowing when enough is truly enough. This can be difficult in these inflationary times with talk of economic uncertainty — the U.S. debt ceiling and its bearing on Social Security and retirement planning. Together, we can take steps to design a plan that grows with you through life’s ups and downs.

Let’s keep this conversation going. Let the articles below serve as inspiration this week as well. Enjoy!

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