It feels like the “newness” of 2023 is starting to lose its shine already, doesn’t it?

Now that the holidays are over and it’s back to reality, I wanted to reach out and remind you that I’m just a click or phone call away to encourage you as you prepare to navigate any challenges ahead. The economy could be facing some difficulties in the first quarter of 2023 as the likelihood of a recession grows and I can help you navigate any potential bumps in the road.

This time of year, more than any other, it can be challenging to stay focused on your financial and wellness goals, but by staying informed and being proactive, you can protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s why I’ve put together some helpful articles below that contain valuable tips and suggestions to help you maintain your long-term goals, despite any economic challenges that may come your way.

If you’re interested in discussing how to navigate the current economic climate, please let me know. Let’s stay connected.

What, if Anything, Can You Do to Prepare for a Recession?

Battling Inflation: What You Can Do To Protect Your Retirement Plan

Don’t Make These 3 Big Mistakes This Tax Season

The New Retirement Law Lets You Delay RMDs. That Doesn’t Mean You Should.

Looking For A Better Approach To Financial Goal Setting In The New Year? Slow Down To Speed Up.

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