You can feel it — the excitement of a new season is in the air. 

Whether you’re a parent sending kids to school, a football fan, an athlete, or even a retiree settling into a new routine, there’s something about the promise of a changing season that can spark a new attitude and energy.

Keep that energy up! It’s a great time to revisit your goals or set fresh new ones.

Think about it: when you set a goal for a season, there’s an end date in sight—and that gives you something to work toward. You and your team determine the steps needed to take in order to reach your goal, and then once it’s reached, it’s time to celebrate all you achieved.

The Harvard Business Review article below talks about the golden rules to setting achievable goals. It’s advice we all could use, this year especially. Let it – and the other articles included – be a source of inspiration and information to you this week, no matter where you are in your pursuit. 

As always, reach out if you need a pep talk or if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. 

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