Has your wallet felt lighter lately without even having to open it?

The ease of tap and touchless payments is transforming the way we spend, but beware – the convenience may be costing you your long-term goals. This month, as back-to-school shopping, fairs, festivals, and sporting events entice us, contactless payments are promoting more spending than ever before, tempting you to splurge beyond what your budget may allow.

The subtle psychology of the tap can make payments feel painless, but your financial well-being can suffer – and no one wants that. Arm yourself with the knowledge to keep it in check. Read more below, along with additional financial news curated from the headlines this week.

Don’t let convenience derail your finances. Stay strong this time of year! Remember you’re not going it alone – if you have questions or need assistance, I’m just a call or click away. Let’s talk soon.

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