Have you ever heard of the marshmallow test?

Fifty years ago, Walter Mischel and colleagues used it to measure how well young children could resist temptation by placing a marshmallow on a table and giving them two options:

1. Eat one marshmallow right away
2. Wait 15 minutes to get two marshmallows.

The results have been widely discussed for years in learning more about financial success and delayed gratification — an essential skill in building wealth and saving for long-term goals.

Especially these days, as economic challenges pile up, the patience to focus on your long-term goals and tune out the immediate is more important than ever. Commit to a long-term strategy and understand that time in the market is more important than timing it.

How patient are you? How patient have you been this year? Where could you use some additional support and encouragement? Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Check out these articles, and let’s talk.

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