The votes have been cast. Were the results what you expected? 

Elections ― whether national, local, primary, or midterm ― frequently result in changes that have a direct impact on your finances, and this one is no different. 

And though we rarely get the exact scenario we want after the ballots are counted, having a plan and a professional on your side to interpret the results with an eye toward your unique financial strategy can give you a head start on any policy changes before they come to pass.

The fact is, waiting for the coast to clear, or the perfect scenario, before you start planning for your future is a mistake. There will never be the perfect time to invest, start a family, or launch that business you’ve been dreaming about. But we can work together now to prepare you for 2023 and future elections down the road. 

First, let’s talk about how the recent political shifts could present new opportunities for you. 

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