With news of Queen Elizabeth’s death last week, many people were fascinated by the details of “Operation London Bridge,” the British code word given to the monarch’s intricate succession plan with rules governing her funeral and the royal estate after her passing. 

The Queen left behind not only the throne but a complicated set of issues to be sorted out by those close to her. 

We can take some lessons from this in our own planning, according to the Barron’s article below:

  • Have your documents in order
  • Review your plan regularly
  • Communicate your wishes

Preparing an estate plan – or taking the time to update an outdated one – provides peace of mind and clarity into the future for all involved, but it can be difficult to get started. Death is not an easy topic to discuss. I can help you along in this process, and an easy and possibly fun first step is to start with a code name for your plan. Let’s talk about it.

These articles have additional insights to consider as well. Get in touch to discuss any aspects of your overall financial health and wellness you have in mind.

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