It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be the most expensive, and if you’re not careful, your finances can easily get blown off track. That’s why it’s important, especially this week, to keep it simple and be mindful of your vision and long-term goals.

So how do you “keep it simple” when inflation’s rising costs and uncertain economic forecasts are coinciding with the biggest spending season of the year?

Easy. It’s by remembering the “why” of your investments. It’s keeping the vision for what you’re striving for in the future at the forefront of your decisions today. And I’m always here as a sounding board to help you through. This week I’m sharing a heartwarming New York Times article titled “How Much Was That?” Check it out. I hope it puts you in the altruistic spirit of the season.

The following articles are especially relevant this week and can help you keep it simple and organized as 2022 quickly comes to a close. Enjoy them and share if you’d like. Let’s keep the goodwill and lines of communication open.

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