For the past year, economically speaking, good news often quickly turned into bad news.

A strong job market and consumer spending fueled rapid-rise inflation, which set off alarm bells for the Fed, which in turn ratcheted up interest rates to stem inflation’s tide. Many felt the pain of that in rising mortgage payments and growing credit card bills. Then talk about a potential recession grew.

Now, more recent reports like the New York Times article below, are suggesting that despite all the previous good news gone bad — America’s economy continues to show resiliency and is capable of enduring these rapidly changing conditions.

Instead of a recession, talk has turned to a “soft landing.”

That’s good news indeed, and worth passing along.

What does this mean for your financial strategy? How have the past few years changed your spending and budgeting? Let’s talk about it and position you to face the exciting months ahead. Give these articles a read and get in touch with any questions.

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