Living in these uncertain times may fill you with frequent questions about the state of your finances and wellness. This occurs seemingly by the minute, depending on the news of the day. Thankfully this week, calm has settled over financial markets after the banking industry’s recent volatility. Is this a positive sign for the coming months, or could there be something deeper happening?

I’m passing along these articles this week that can help answer some of the pressing questions you may be pondering, such as:

  • What’s all this I hear about a recession?
  • Should I just be putting my cash under a mattress right now?
  • Can I buy a house? Or a Tesla?

Asking questions about financial matters is crucial for making informed decisions and achieving your financial goals. Financial literacy is a skill that everyone should strive to develop — and what better time to focus on financial literacy than April, which is financial literacy month in America.

So please, enjoy the articles, and let’s build your financial acumen. What are you curious about? I’d love to discuss any questions you have about opportunities for you in this wild new world.

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