Are you planning on sleeping away the extra hour you gain during daylight saving time this weekend? 

If so, you’ve made a fantastic choice. 

Getting enough sleep is a key principle to enjoying good mental and physical health. And according to the New York Times article below, more than a third of Americans are sleep-deprived, which can have detrimental effects on mood, memory, and health.

Quite often, it’s the little things that we do that can make the biggest impact in our lives — particularly when it comes to our health — be it mental, physical, or financial.

The following articles are focused on helping you attain peak mental fitness as well as financial wellness. Give them a read and share with anyone who could benefit. Investing in yourself isn’t indulgent — it’s mission-critical during these turbulent times. 

Please reach out if you feel inspired by what you’ve read or if I can be of further assistance in your financial strategy and goals. Have a great week.

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