Our Team

At Pinnacle Wealth Management, we’re not just advisors, we’re advocates. Our qualified professionals don’t just point you down a path to retirement, we walk alongside you to help you reach your full retirement stride.


Ernie Perri CSM-Chief Smile Maker

Ernie is our Chief Smile Maker and resident poochie. When not at home being spoiled with his Mama’s tasty treats and frequent belly rubs, he graces our offices with his stubby tail wagging, curious nose and his cheerful demeanor. He also welcomes each and every client who comes through Pinnacle Tax on the days that Mama rewards him with a field trip to the office. Ernie’s best days include shadowing Mama and lounging in his plush doggy bed and soaking in the sun’s rays. If you see him in the office, be sure to have a pocket full of treats and a hand ready for a belly massage! Woof!