Andrew S. PerriJanuary 13, 2022

Big questions – we’ve all got them.

As 2022 begins to unfold, the possibilities of what could happen this year are wide open – even if the world isn’t yet.

Often, the questions we want or need answers to can tell us a lot about ourselves and our priorities. What big question have you been pondering? Better yet, what questions keep you up at night?

You and I both know that asking the question is usually the first important step toward getting an answer. And I’m always game for hearing any question you have, and more importantly, putting you in pursuit of the answer you want. So ask!

These articles give useful insight as well to the questions facing the U.S. this week. Read and share – and don’t forget to keep asking those big questions.

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IRS Warns of Service Delays When 2021 Tax-Filing Season Opens on Jan. 24

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