Andrew S. PerriJanuary 27, 2022

If January is the month of resolutions, then February is when we start to see some action.

By now, you probably already have a good idea which resolutions are taking root in your life and which have fallen by the wayside. But don’t lose heart if you’ve let a goal slip, there’s still plenty of time in 2022 to make a considerable impact on your health and financial wellness.

If you find you’re stuck in place or even headed in the wrong direction, surprisingly what’s needed right now isn’t huge sweeping changes but simply one small step – just one action pointed in a new direction to change your course.

What do small steps look like? The Guardian article below has some great ideas, but it can be as simple as hitting reply or a phone call or socking away a small amount each month in an automated savings account.

The articles below also give some excellent perspective on the recent market volatility. Mainly to relax and to focus on the why behind your long term investment strategy. I can help you reset, refocus, and stay on track.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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