Did you know that Sept. 28th is Ask a Stupid Question Day?

Wait, was that a stupid question?

The roots of this day go back to the ’80s when teachers started a national movement to try to get kids to ask more questions in the classroom. The strategy was that by establishing a safe place for all questions, they were encouraging students to share their curiosity with the class without fear.

You know, just as students sometimes hold back, many adults do too. They may feel afraid their questions are unimportant or could expose a chink in their intellectual armor – nothing is further from the truth. When it comes to being confident in securing your financial future, it just makes sense to speak up, especially to someone knowledgeable you can trust.

These articles provide valuable information, tips, and expert guidance for questions you possibly didn’t even know you had about developments in the news recently. Take a moment to read and equip yourself with the facts to make informed decisions.

Oh, and if you have questions – on Sept. 28th or any other day – just ask!

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