Imagine if life came with a financial “eureka” moment, the tipping point where all your monetary decisions remarkably fall into alignment with your aspirations. According to the WSJ article below, that is most likely to happen around age 53.

Surprised at that number? I was.

Although 53 may be the statistical sweet spot, the idea of a “perfect age” for financial planning can be misleading. The sooner anyone engages in a strategy to save for their long-term goals and protect the future for themselves and their loved ones, the better positioned they are to navigate life’s ups and downs – no matter if you’re 9 or 99.

So why settle for an arbitrary “best-by” age? Let’s talk about the decisions you personally are pondering right now. It could be the best is still to come. Check out these articles found in the news this week for tips and methods to sharpen your financial knowledge, and let’s craft a financial strategy that defies age and convention.

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