Andrew S. PerriFebruary 03, 2022

Before Zoom took over the pandemic as a videoconferencing phenomenon, the word was better known as the camera function that let you take close-up photos from far away.

The first zoom lenses were large, expensive, and mostly owned only by professionals. But now, anyone can easily pinch two fingers together on a device and zoom in, magnifying in great detail whatever we choose to fixate on at the moment.

I don’t have to tell you though, that when you zoom in, it tends to block out the rest of the picture. This makes me think of what’s grabbing attention in the financial headlines lately – volatility in the stock market, talk of rising interest rates, and inflation. Being informed is great, but hyperfocusing on those issues can make you lose sight of the bigger picture: that your long-term strategy should already take these day-to-day, week-to-week fluctuations and corrections into account. And if you’re not convinced that’s the case, we should talk.

Where are you putting your focus today, and what can you zoom out on? As always, I’m here to help you keep the right frame in mind, and help you make any adjustments as necessary. The following articles can add to your big-picture perspective as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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