Andrew S. PerriJune 16, 2022

Time has been described as many things: The great equalizer, precious, a commodity, a healer, and fleeting.

But there’s one thing time is not: limitless. 

The Wall Street Journal article below comes with great timing ahead of Father’s Day, and has an important message about how we can make the most of our time with our loved ones while we’re still here on this earth. The stress and uncertainty of the past few years in a pandemic has certainly strengthened many peoples’ resolve in that regard.

What has it taught you? Has it spurred you to a new goal or prompted you to finally do that thing you’ve been putting off? Let’s talk about it and get a plan in place.

Enjoy the article, along with some other timely financial news to inform and inspire your actions in the coming days.

Wishing you a rich and meaningful Father’s Day. 

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