Andrew S. PerriMarch 24, 2022

With the start of spring comes the annual desire to freshen up, breathe in new life, and clear out the winter gunk that piled up during the months stuck inside. 

And it couldn’t come with better timing, considering 2022’s bumpy economic start on the heels of the past two tumultuous years. 

Thankfully, the concept of spring cleaning works for much more than your dwelling – you can apply the same principles to refreshing your finances, habits, and relationships too. So where do you start?

This year, try starting at the top – with your brain, as the New York Times article below suggests. It’s a fun approach to decluttering your mind as we enter this new season. And it can help you free up valuable time and space to pursue your interests, goals, and passions. 

The additional articles are worth a read as well – they include helpful tips and information to keep you informed this week. As always, reach out if you have any questions. Let’s keep in touch.

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