Andrew S. PerriJune 30, 2022

The culmination of every great Fourth of July celebration (and what we expectantly wait for all day) is a bright, brilliant firework display — the bigger the better. There’s no greater illustration of America’s power, ingenuity and freedom than bright lights piercing the night’s darkness.

Crucial to a good firework show is clear skies. As we all know, clouds limit how much you can see as well as reflect city lights making fireworks less vibrant.

Just like clear skies make for the best firework show, clarity works best for your financial strategy too. Clarity of purpose, as the Forbes article below says, is what allows us to become exceptional. The clearer your goals are, the better chance you have of staying on track in pursuing them.

Read more about it and let it inspire your celebration during this long summer weekend. And feel free to check out the rest of the articles too. Then let’s connect and explore your possibilities in more detail.

Enjoy, and happy Independence Day!

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