Paper chains are a fun holiday decoration you’ll begin to see everywhere this time of year. Swinging from doorways and wrapped around trees, each time I see one, I can’t help but notice their simplicity and aesthetic variety.

This may surprise you, but the idea behind them can help you meet your financial goals.

It boils down to this phrase: Don’t break the chain.

That’s the concept Jerry Seinfeld used to reach celebrity and entrepreneurial success, and it’s something for you to keep in mind each time you save or invest for your future, you’re building a link in the chain. Over time, those links can add up to build some impressive size and momentum.

Read how it worked for Seinfeld in the Entrepreneur article below. It’s interesting to consider as we watch holiday decorations go up in our neighborhoods this season. And when you spot a paper chain, visualize the links you’re adding – whether it be for retirement, savings, family or your education. These additional articles I’ve hand-picked from the news this week can help build your knowledge base as well.

If you’d like ideas about how to make your chain stronger, more diversified or even more uniquely you, let’s talk about it. 

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