Andrew S. PerriApril 21, 2022

Frank Sinatra’s iconic song “My Way” comes to mind when reading the Forbes article “5 Steps to Healing Your Financial Regrets.”

The truth is, everyone makes mistakes with their money at least once in their life. Among the most common are:

– Not saving enough for emergencies

– Failing to plan for retirement as early as possible

– Not understanding how to invest

– Taking on too much student loan debt

Do any of these hit home for you? If so, don’t beat yourself up. What’s important is that you recognize mistakes (don’t ignore them), take steps to correct them, learn from the experience, and crucially, forgive yourself.

Let’s talk about what’s holding you back, so we can get you in the best position to pursue your goals from here on out. And, with a tip of the fedora to Ol’ Blue Eyes, let’s do it your way.

Enjoy the articles. Share with anyone who could use a little encouragement.

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