Andrew S. PerriJune 09, 2022

One of the more special parts of early summer is catching a glimpse of a mother duck and her ducklings swimming across a lake or river. That’s why the Wall St. Journal article below caught my eye.

But as I read it, it occurred to me that the physics behind duck swimming also applies to our work together on your financial strategy. We have set short, mid, and long-term goals, and like the ducks, we’re facing challenges. Not the strength of water, but market volatility and inflation.  

To get where we want to go we should continue to work together, and capitalize on our strengths and momentum. When times get tough, the best plan of action is to keep focused on goals and not make snap decisions to branch off. We will get to the other side together. 

Enjoy the articles; I’d love to know what you think. Get in touch if there’s anything you would like to discuss. 

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